I am a long time Spoonie and mysterious Zebra who has been dealing with CFS, EDS, PCOS, VCD, and a whole slew of other health issues since I was 10 years old. My blog is about my journey through life with health issues. It’s about my struggles, my goals, my interests, and the adventures I have while being mostly bedridden and house bound. It is a place where I can share and hopefully advocate for other people like me, who are dealing with similar types of chronic illnesses. This is a safe space for sharing, honesty, and support.

This is for me. You are welcome too, but this is a place for me to express the monotony of life with Chronic Fatigue. Now that dance is gone my creativity is suppressed and stagnant. My endeavors to stay positive and occupied have taken on a wide variety of things that can be left at any moment. After years of hating writing and, frankly, feeling like the worst ever at it, I have decided to rise above my shame at my struggle with writing and editing. I hope that although it isn’t the best, it is an outlet to express myself and tell myself I have accomplished something while struggling with the effects that chronic fatigue syndrome has on my body. Please feel free to read and support or just read….but please don’t read and be negative. If you feel that’s necessary, I’m sorry. Negativity never gets you anywhere good… and it definitely wont bring this pajama warrior down.